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FFC’s sole focus it to eliminate the hassle and cash flow delay in processing insurance death claims!

If your funeral home or cemetery accepts life insurance policies as a form of payment you no doubt understand the difficulties in verifying benefits and hassling with insurance companies. One simple mistake or mis-verification can cost your firm thousands. Plus most insurance companies take 30 to 60 days or longer to settle claims. The longer you wait, the more it costs your firm.

However if your firm does not accept life insurance as a method of payment for goods and services you run the risk of forcing families to settle for less desirable low cost options due to lack of access to cash or credit. The solution? FFC’s Insurance Assignment Funding Program.

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FFC’s Insurance Assignment Funding Program is your answer to eliminating the hassle and cash flow delay in processing insurance death claims. Click the button below to register your firm today!

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Once your firm is enrolled you may begin funding your insurance assignment claims with FFC. The process is very easy with only four simple steps. Click the button below to see how simple it really is!
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